Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 months without Drew...

This guy
is finally home!!  Sadly just for the weekend...but
 we are THRILLED!
These last two weeks Drew has had the wonderful opportunity to go to Texas and help out the plasma center down there.  He is defiantly needed down there, but we have sure missed him here!  He'll be in Texas for a totally of 2 months and one day. Drew's work has been awesome about the whole situation and are letting him come home every other weekend, and letting me fly out to Texas over our anniversary! We have officially survived the first two weeks and have been having a blast having him home this weekend.
Yesterday we watched Kangaroo Jack. Not the greatest show, but Cruz LOVED it!! 
(as you can tell)

We also went shopping with daddy.  Shopping with daddy is always SO much more fun!

 We love having you home daddy, and hope these next couple weeks will fly by so we can enjoy you again!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Baby!

I'm going to pretend that this isn't my first post in years... way to much has happened to try and catch up so I'm just going to start posting again, and what a wonderful time of year to start! Christmas!

Our Christmas was amazing this year.  It always is, but this year it just seemed that much better with a little Cruz man to enjoy it with.  He is just over 2 years old now, and pretty much knows whats going on with Christmas.  He seemed to grasp the idea of Santa, and enjoyed hearing of Christs birth. It amazes me how much a little 2 year old really seems to understand things.
The big day:

The amazing day started off with Cruz waking up at 6:30 in the morning to inform me that he was "Happy awake" (a daily ritual)  I then proceeded to inform him that it was Christmas!  We all ran out into the living room to see if Santa had come, and boy did he!  At first he was just in shock that he could finally open up his presents, but he quickly got the hang of it, and was ripping into them in no time. He was such a blast.

              Here's Cruz opening his first present!   Mommy and Cruz with his new car.

We continued the day by heading to Drew's parents house.  We carried on the tradition of Einstein bagels with chocolate milk,  and opening presents by the arm full.  Cruz got a little carried away, and would open a present, and then as soon as it was opened he would ask for another one! He got SO overly spoiled!

                           Cruz and Papa                                Cruz Man and Derek

We then headed to my parents house to read the Christmas story from Luke 2, and open even more presents!
We continued to bounce back from our house, to my parents house, to the Bostocks house for the rest of the day.
Here is a little video of Cruz on Christmas day. Yup, he had a blast :)

 Most of my wonderful family was able to be there and it was SO good to see them all! I hadn't seen Chris and Haylie for over a year, and it was so good to be able to see them and chat with them. They are so amazing.  Dan, Drew's brother, was also able to come up for Christmas too, and it was so good seeing him as well.
  We did miss Mike and Traci, and their beautiful girls, Ellanie, and Emberlyn, but we were still able to chat through Skype and texting, so we still seemed connected. (Missed you guys!!)
  We got to chat with my amazing brother Adam who is on his mission in Mexico, and is loving every second of it. It was SO good to hear his voice and feel his amazing spirit reach to us through the phone.
 I wish I could explain in words how thankful I am for such a wonderful, amazing family.  I would have to say that being around family is defiantly my favorite things about the holidays!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday as well!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

**Fourth of July **

This fourth of July was so much fun!! We decided to go to the car show...apparently we haven't been there for many years...we had no idea that it actually cost money! So we just walked around the car show, and looked at all the cars through the fence. Cars are cool! We continued our walk to Willow park and swung on the swings.

Can you tell Drew loves this kid?

After Willow Park, we went to a park just down from where we live and flew our little airplanes. Cruz, of course, loved it!

Cruz couldn't get enough of the planes!

Cruz and I at the Park

After the park we went to Sizzlers with my parents, Jackson, Melanie, Kevin and Grandma. We watch the Cruise in from inside Sizzlers while we ate.

Drew decided to give Cruz a lemon to see if he liked it...he actually did! He ate the entire thing(minus the peel)

Bostock Fam

We sure had a blast, and I'm sure thankful for living in this wonderful country!

Island Park & Fathers Day

Every year the Weston family goes to Island Park for a week or so, we were only able to make it up for the 1st weekend, but we sure managed to fill it up with a lot of fun stuff! Right when we got there we went four wheeling with Travis and Michele's family, Lora and Logan, and Jackson. Man was it a blast!

Cruz, Drew and I. Cruz loved the ride!!
Drew and Cruz, and Drew and I. Oh how I love em'!

Logan and Lora. They are such a blast!

It was absolutely beautiful! There was tons of water that we went through! It was pretty cool!

Michele surrounded by kids! Too cute.

Almost all the sisters...missing Traci and Haylie.

On Fathers day some of us went to Yellowstone. It was actually free for us to go into the park for the day! It was awesome! We got to see Old Faithful and a couple other geyser. It was SWEET!

Cool man cool...
Brother-in-law love...and soon to be Brother-in-law love.

Last but certainly not least, the amazing fathers that I love so dearly! My wonderful, caring, and SO thoughtful dad, and my little boys' fun, loving, and so handsome daddy. I honestly couldn't ask for a better Dad, and Father for my son! My dad and Drew are just...amazing. I love you guys!

Friday, June 19, 2009

9 Months Old!!

I really can't believe how fast time flies by! Cruz is already 9 months old! Man, he is just the cutest, and best kid in the whole wide world! I'm so thankful that he is a part of my crazy life! He has been sick these last few days, and hasn't been able to keep anything down so taking him to his 9 month appt was not so fun. He only weighs a pound more then he did at his 6 month appt. :( Not so cool. His latest stats are... Weight: 18 lbs 7.5 oz. He is in the 25 percentile. Height: 28 3/4 inches. He is in the 75 percentile. So there you have it! Here are so a recent pics of the little cutie!

Cruz and his daddy!

Cruz and I

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My little Cruz is amazing

Just in case you didn't know it, my little one is totally amazing. He has been crawling for over a month now, and has now started "cruzin" along the funiture. I just thought I would post a couple pictures of him in action...sorry he doesn't have pants on in these pictures. Thank goodness he is a baby!

This one reminds me of his Uncle Chris when he was little. Completely focused and tongue out! l love it!

...I'm lovin' it!

I have always hated doing the dishes. Especially at my house, until recently...Cruz loves it when I do the dishes! Its so entertaining now! He can play forever at the dish washer while I finish up the dishes. I honestly love doing the dishes now! I'm just glad Cruz can't crawl up onto the dish washer yet...then the hating will start all over again! As for now I'm lovin' doing my dishes!