Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 months without Drew...

This guy
is finally home!!  Sadly just for the weekend...but
 we are THRILLED!
These last two weeks Drew has had the wonderful opportunity to go to Texas and help out the plasma center down there.  He is defiantly needed down there, but we have sure missed him here!  He'll be in Texas for a totally of 2 months and one day. Drew's work has been awesome about the whole situation and are letting him come home every other weekend, and letting me fly out to Texas over our anniversary! We have officially survived the first two weeks and have been having a blast having him home this weekend.
Yesterday we watched Kangaroo Jack. Not the greatest show, but Cruz LOVED it!! 
(as you can tell)

We also went shopping with daddy.  Shopping with daddy is always SO much more fun!

 We love having you home daddy, and hope these next couple weeks will fly by so we can enjoy you again!


heidi said...

how sad to be apart, it does sound like they are being pretty good about it.
good luck with the next 6 weeks!

mom weston said...

Jill! I loved it! I'm so proud of you for blogging again!!! Love your pictures and comments..